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    Zero Values not passed to Extension Object

    Lee Matthews

      I have been working on integrating a surface plot chart in QlikView. When passing data to extensions there does not seem to be any way to specify that I want all possible rows - including those with a zero value.By defaults QlikView excludes the values that equate to zero. This causes big problems with a surface chart, as you need all the values to plot the surface. 


      I can put in an extra expression that equates to 1, to force every row to be passed to the extension. But it seems that once the QVPP file is generated, the more modern properties dialog that results prevents you from adding a second expression. I haveplayyed around with this for a while, and sometime the field for the second expression does show up, but then it never saves the expression.


      Is there any way I can force all values including zeroes to be submitted to the extension object?