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    Can we import hierarchy from SAP BW?

      Hi, everyone


      I am the greenhand here. Recently, I am dealing with a case for QV which need to extract the data from BW.


      One question, when I extract the data, can I extract the hierarchy levels in the BW? I tried it was possible for extract one dimension's hierarchy but failed in multiple dimension.


      Second question, is that possible extracted the aggregated data (calculated data from BW by formula) rather than the base data into Qlikview?


      Hope my question is clear.

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          Ian Crosland



          If you use the QV SAP OLAP connector and connect to a BeX query you can extract the calculations within the query and also the hierarchies (one per characteristic), to extract multiple hierarchies you will need multiple LOAD statements.


          you can also use the SQL connector and extract the 'H' table which contains the hierarchy data at base level, finally the Extractor connector can extract hierarchy data also (from base data)





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              Hi, Lan


              Thank you for your reply. I use the QV SAP OLAP and connect to BW query. Now I fix the problem for extract calculations and hierarchies, but I have another problem, if I want to load update data, do I need to reload the script again? Because it takes too long. How can I only add the update data? The same, when i miss a dimension to extract, do I have to reload the entire data again??? (seems that I can't add dimension menual from the BW system)


              And another problem make me fussy is that during the extraction process, I can't use debug function to see where goes wrong. Sometimes, after a long time extraction, it just show up"can't read the data from...." I really don't know what's going wrong.


              Can u explain me what's the multiple LOAD statements?


              Really thanks for your help

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              Sanil Kumar

              Hi lightbridge, 


              we had the same problem. We are able to download just one hierarchy per dimension.

              this was one of the reasons, why we are now working with the Theobald Connector for QlikView (Xtract QV), because this tool has a sophisticated connector for the BW Hiearchies, where all types of hierarchies are supported without restrictions.


              I am really very glad to work with this tool from Theobald.