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    qv-user-manager questions about add/remove cals

      Hi All,


      In the Powershell, while I can add 1 documented cal to a qvw file and assign it to a give user,


      > ECHO user1 | .\qv-user-manager.exe --add cal -d abc.qvw


      If I try to add another CAL to the same qvw file with


      > ECHO user2 | .\qv-user-manager.exe --add cal -d abc.qvw

      I get the error "System.Exception: Too many document CALs assigned."


      Also, I can't figure out how to remove CAL(s) from a qvw file.

      After I gave one CAL on abc.qvw to user1, none of the following two commands can remove the CAL for me


      > ECHO user1 | .\qv-user-manager.exe --remove cal -d abc.qvw
      > .\qv-user-manager.exe --remove cal -d abc.qvw


      Can anyone help me?

      Many thanks!