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    How to create variance from 2 month total customers?

      I have 3 fields -

      1) type of account A,B,C

      2) total customers

      3) month id - 201206 and 201112


      I would like to create variance by total customers by type of account for the 2 month id.

      I am using create expression to create

      1) Current month total customers -



      ({date={'2012-06'},[Mth Id]}[total Cust])


      2) previous month total customers

      sum({<date={"$(=Date(AddMonths(date,-6),'YYYY-MM'))"},[Mth_Id]=>}[Total Cust])

      3) variance

      [current month total customers] - [previous month total customers]



      But the above does not work. Anyone can help?