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    Sheet Object Drag and Drop to Microsoft Office

      Good day QlikViewians


      I am tryin to drag & drop a sheet object to a microsoft product (Excel, Word), and maintain the functionality. Unfortunatley when i drag an object, it doesn't work, and it doesn't display the image or values of the objects. Exporting to Excel works fine, but doesn't include the functionality.


      I have installed on my workstation:     Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64

                                                             QlikView v10.00.9516 SR5 x64

                                                             QlikView IE Plugin 10

                                                             IE v9.0.8

                                                             Microsoft Office 2012


      I have enabled all activeX and macro settings within Office and IE, and still no avail!


      what am i missing, is there perhaps any additional configuration that needs to take place, do i need a x64 plugin?


      Many Thanks,


      Nathan Alard.