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    about print qv-report to pdf with macro

      hi guys.


      im trying to print a qv-report to pdf with macro.


      here a code i found from people post.


      actually,they almost same.


      Sub Dagrapport
      vReport = "QVreportname" 'Set report
      vName = "reportname" 'Name of output pdf
      ActiveDocument.PrintReport(vReport), "Bullzip PDF Printer", false 'Printreport
      reportFile = "reportpath" & vName &".pdf" 'Setting outputname
      MyPrintPDFWithBullZip(reportFile) 'Call pdf printer
      ActiveDocument.GetApplication.Sleep 5000
      End sub


      when i run this code, the script stop at ActiveDocument.PrintReport(vReport), "Bullzip PDF Printer", false 'Printreport


      its just stop at this line any code i found. and no error info back to me.




      32 bit machine


      GhostScript , version is 9.0

      BullzipPDF , version is 8.2(i guess....)

      had installed the http://ftp.qliktech.com/QvWebDownloads/Release8/QvPDFSetup.exe

      and set the system access to allow any macros.


      Anyone got any ideas?


      Thanks for your help !