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    Help with traffic light gauge

      On a Qlikview file I have a detailed report which consists of a simple table that has a traffic light on each of the rows. Ex:

      Item      |  Place     |   Date           |    Traffic light

      Chair       Store        Monday           Red

      table        Market     Monday           Green

      Glasses   Store        Tuesday          Green

      ...               ...               ...

      ...               ...               ...


      Then I have another table without the items, which also has a traffic light. If at least one item from the place has a red traffic light on the other table, then on this table the traffic light is shown red. Following the previous example:

      Place        | Traffic light

      Store           Red   (The chair on the previous table was red)

      Market         Green (there is only a table from the market and it's green)


      I'd like to know if there's any way that when I click on the red traffic light on the second table, all of the items from that place with a red light were selected on the first table.

      Thanks in advance.