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    Conditional Text Box Expression

    Rebecca Molstad

      I have a conditional text box with the following condition expression:


      =isnull(SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(ShipmentID,';',63),vShip)) and isnum(num(vShip))


      The text that appears within the box uses the following expression:


      ='**Shipment ID(s) Not Found : '&vShip&' 



      This text box is supposed to show up only when the value entered into the input box is not found in the data. However, the input box is designed to have multiple values pasted in to it from an Excel file. Therefore, some of the values may be found and some may not. Is there a way to get my text box to show up when any part of the search input is not found within the data field? The data inputs may be diffent characters in length, but will always be separated by a space, a comma, or an enter. Also, the text box needs to show which piece of the searcgh string was null and return that as text. I have attached an example of what I have so far.



      All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!