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    Button Actions - Select in Field




      I have two date-related fields: day_of_year_activity (numbered 1-365) and day_of_year_lead_created (numbered 1-365).


      I am trying to create a button action will allow me to select values in a straight table only when: day_of_year_activity-day_of_year_lead_created=0...in other words, when the day an activity was recorded is the same day that the lead was created.


      To try and solve this problem, I created an expression named 1Day that says: =day_of_year_activity-day_of_year_lead_created


      I then tried to use a button, action, select in field to pick only the rows where the 1Day expression is 0. It is not working. I click on the button, and nothing happens. Can anyone help, please?


      Thank you!