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    How to deattch a chart ?

      Hi all,


      I have 3 charts and 4 list box in my dashboard. I want to deattch one chart from particular list box.

      How can I do?

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          Edgar Baltazar

          You can use set analysis for example... if your current expresion is: Sum(amount) and the field that you want to not affect your expression es Customer just modify your expression like this...

          sum({$<Customer={ }>} amount) , Hope this helps ... regards!



          If you are using Qlikview 11 you can also try with alternate states.

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              Its working Edgar but we have to remove curly braces.

              Right expression is  ({$<Customer=>} amount). Thank you very much..

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                Edgar how we achieve this using alternate states? I am using Qlikview11.

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                    Edgar Baltazar

                    Hello jairaj1902, thanks for the correction ! you have all the reason the syntaxis changed a few versions ago and now we dont need to use curly brackets.


                    Well with alternate states you can create groups of objects that will be affected only by selections of objects from their group.... first you have to go to Settings->Document Properties->General->'Alternate States' Button , here you are going to add your groups or 'alternate states'... since you have created your groups go to any object in your layout right click->properties->General and here you are going to see a combo box named 'alternate states' here you select to what group is going to belong your object...ALTSTATE.png


                    There are a few examples in the community and in the demo's section on the qlikview web , hope this can be useful, regards!