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    Using Select tag with data from QlikView (Javascript)

    Carlo Vruwink



      we're trying to select data from QlikView, displaying it works, with the function "onclick". The example from below is working fine with our data. But we're using the html function "Select" ('<option value='+ i +>' cycling through the data). The question is how to use the example code with the function: "Select" instead of tables. We've read some things about onclick doesn't work on select, therefore we have to use onchange, but selecting data still not works.


      Somebody used this kind of script with a selection tag?


      Qva.AddExtension('CVL/BasicTable', function() { 
              // Create a variable to hold generated html     
              var html = "<table>";      
              // Local variable to hold the reference to QlikView      
              var _this = this; 
              // function to handle users clicking on a row     
          window.oncvlrowclick = function(rowIx)      
              // Cycle Through the data     
                for (var i = 0; i < this.Data.Rows.length; i++) {      
                      // get the row      
              var row = this.Data.Rows [i]; 
                      // Generate html     
                      html += "<tr><td onclick='oncvlrowclick("+i+")'>" + row[0].text + "</td><td onclick='oncvlrowclick("+i+")'>" + row[1].text + "</td></tr>";      
              // Finalise the html     
              html += "</table>"; 
              // Set the HTML     
          this.Element.innerHTML = html;