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    Straight table - actual vs previous year in different rows?

      Hi all,


      Maybe it's an easy question - but I can't find a way after spending a few hours with some ideas & looking around.


      I've got a Year Dimension, restricted to only one selection. Now I want to have a straight table with:




      2012 (actual selection)1000
      2011 (actual selection-1)800

      Displaying the actual selection and selection-1 is working fine by:


      (as calculated dimension)


      But...how do I set the filter to the data refering to the row? The only function I know is above, tried it with a negative offset but seems like it's not working.


      I guess it's a simple problem and it seems like they had an example in qlikview v9, but I don't have the qvw (just saw it on a screenshot).


      How can I solve this small problem?