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    Dynamic Dimension with link to Text Dim (maybe Set Analysis??)

      Hi all,


      i have a question concerning the dimensions in tables.


      The database is a Ticket with change history and oldvalue and newvalue column and overall status of the ticket. The Status Text is connected via ID (Dim Status with Status_ID and Status_text).


      The content of oldvalue and newvalue columns can be Statuschanges, Textchanges, Responsibility changes etc. and is defined in a Change_Field.. In the formula i have reduced the changes to show only the status changes ( count ({$<Change_Field={"Status"}>} changes ). This is working fine.


      Now my problem: in the newvalue and oldvalue column (which is shown as dimension in the table) is only Status_ID. I can not connect it to overall Status or built a special Status Dimension for new and old value via Import Script because of circular references (i did it already for other change_field types).


      Is it possible to use the Statustext in table dimension if i explain the connection with dynamic dimension. I thougt of something like "= ( { oldvalue ={status_id} } Status_text)" ??


      Thank you very much in advance.


      Kind regards