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    Running Total in a chart (straight table)


      Hello to all,

      I am trying to display running totals that accumulate by day and keep those in tact when filtering on the date range.

      My current approach is to use a chart (straight table) whose 1 dimension is [Posting Date] with an expression that references itself

      if(isnull(below([Value on Hand])), sum([Net Change ($)]), sum([Net Change ($)]) + below([Value on Hand]))

      ** [Value on Hand] is the name of the expression in the chart I am accumulating

      This works great as long as you don't pick 1 month in the middle of the 2 years for example. If I do, my running totals get thrown off. To make this work, the starting balance at the beginning of the chart would need to be recalculated, possibly using variables, a macro or a combo of both.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.