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    Problem set analysis

    Giorgia Michieli

      Hi everybody,

      I cannot solve a set analysis. I have a pivot table, 3 dimensions: c_magazzino, c_marchio, c_famiglia. 2 expression: sum(amount). The second one is the one that i'm not able to fix.


      I need to have the percentage distribution of quantity for each warehouse and for each brand.

      Assuming I only have the brand (c_marchio) 7 and the warehouse (c_magazzino) BG01, I created this Set Analysis:

      ((Sum({<C_MARCHIO={'7'},C_MAGAZZINO={'BG01'}>}VEN_QTA_MOV))/(Sum({<C_MARCHIO={'7'},C_MAGAZZINO={'BG01'}>} TOTAL VEN_QTA_MOV)))



      it works, but i cannot generalize the formula.

      I would like to have 100% in each total in the cross between d_magazzino (warehouse) and brand (c_marchio).

      How can i accomplish this?


      Thank you