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    Pop-up pie chart.

    Edson de Souza

      Dear, good afternoon.


      I have the following problem:


      I created a pie chart with a scale (Country) and two expressions (Percentage and value) of sales and ordered the exhibition by descending value-Y. I scored as a percentage relative, and for the value to be displayed, I needed to mark the check-box "Text as Pop-up". Now the problem: by positioning the mouse on the first slice pop-up displays the percentage and its value. By dwelling on the second slice is displayed it and the percentage values of the first and second slice. By positioning the third slice is shown the percentage of it and the value of the first three slices. And so on. As print below:




      I think it would only display the correct value of the share which find mouse positioned. Follow the QVW attached, please help me. I'm using QlikView 11.