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    Obtaining last field based on max(date) in same line

      I'm producing a report that details the last payment made by a customer.


      My tables are:

      • Customer Table: Customer ID, Customer name
      • Transactions Table: UniqueID, Customer ID, Transaction Type, Transaction Date, Transaction Amount, Transaction Method


      The data I'm trying to produce is a list of customers and their last payment amount, date and method. A payment is a transaction type.


      I've managed to obtain the last payment amount and date but am struggling to get the method.


      I obtained the last payment date with the below formula in the script, loading the transaction table and grouping by Customer ID


      "(if(Transaction Type = 'Payment', max(TransactionDate)) as [Last Payment Date]"




      I then got the last payment amount with the following expression in the pivot table with Customer ID as my dimension. However I can see that there may be a flaw with this if 2 payments were to be received in the same day.





      "sum(if(TransactionDate=[Last Payment Date] and [Transaction Type]='Payment', NetTransactionAmount) "



      So my questions are:

      1. Is there a better way of getting the last payment amount?
      2. How do I get the last payment method?


      The unique ID for transactions increases numerically in chronological order so this may be useful for a solution.