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    Using Set Analysis with two different data sets (Ad-Hoc reporting)

      I have created a table object that is very identical to the Ah-Hoc reporting example found in the QlikView 11 demo, except I changed the dimensions to “group, region, state, county, and township.”  All townships are assigned a group number.  One of the expressions that I would like to create is figuring out the number of people that my company served for a specific area in the country.  The problem that I have encountered is the data that I am working with is in two different database tables.  The flag to determine which database to use is by group #. I am currently using a nested IF statement in the expression and it works perfectly fine if I show ‘township’ or ‘group’ as one of the dimensions.


      IF( Group = ‘1’,

      **execute set analysis for Database #1**,

      IF( Group = ‘2’,

      **execute set analysis for Database #2**,



      However, if I deselect ‘township’ or ‘group’ as a dimension and only show the other dimensions, the rows cannot determine which group # to use and the table shows only null values. Would denormalizing all of the dimensions into one table fix this issue?