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    Total mode row coloured in the wrong way



      I´ve got a straight Table (called Life) with some values. Values will always be GOOD or ERROR because my expressions are:

      If (condiction), 'GOOD','ERROR').

      I´ve also got the background of the expression as Green if value is 'GOOD'.


      I´ve set the Total Mode as First String so I can see if any ERRORs but when doing this colours does not work very well. Some GOOD´s are coloured as Green and some other not. Is only failing in the total Mode. If I do ERROR as Red then is also failing and is colouring GOOD as Red on the top as well.


      Does any one have any idea how to fix this.

      I´ve done it in this way because what I wanted is something that will show me if in the straight table I´ve got all GOOD or I´ve also got some ERRORs.


      Thanks in advanced,