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    Error when choosing dimension in Extension Object Example "Calendar of Events"

      Hey there,


      i am quite new to qlikview but until now I could always manage my problems with the existing discussions in this community.


      Now I have a problem which I can totally not solve despite trying different solutions I read.


      My Problem:


      I want to integrate the Extension Object Example "Calendar of Events". I installed the .qar and everything but when I am at the point of choosing the dimensions of the extension object I get the following error message :


      "line: 58" "Error: $.ui.autocomplete' is null or not an object" " Code:0" " URL: http://qlikview/QvAjaxZfc/QvAjax.js"


      As a result I cannot choose any dimension.



      I already read that the internet explorer version might be a problem. I am using internet explorer 8 and it's the default setting. For solving my problem i deactivated and then activated the internet explorer and double checked that its the correct version. Additionally i reinstalled the extension .qar but to no avail.


      I am using the QlikView Version 11.00.1154.0 IR 64 Bit Edition as a private user... Has anyone a clue what I should do next? I really need to integrate this extension and it has already needed too much time yet.


      Thanks in advance!