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    Using mapping load - applymap to a table that we used the qualify command.

      Hi there,


      iam loadind data from a .dat file ad because of this the format of the data i get is not the optimum.

      i use the text( field) commnad to "normalize" the text data. i want to use a n applymap command to a field like the one i mentioned above. more precicely this is my code:


      [Transaction Type Description]:

      Mapping  LOAD


      Text(Code) as     [Transactions Type],

           Text(Description) as  [Transaction Type Description]


      [$(vExcelDataDir)Transaction Type.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Transaction Type]);


      it is an excel file that contains values ( 10,11,12,13,14,15 ....99) for the Code field and a string for the Description.

      the table i want to apply the map is like this:





         @1:11 as [Transcactions.Name],

           Text(@11:12) as   [Transactions Type],

         applymap ( '[Transaction Type Descriptions]',   @11:12 , '-' ) AS  [Transaction Type Description]





      (fix, codepage is 1253, header is 1 lines);


      When i run the code i get an empty field for the  [Transaction Type Description] .


      Any help would be very appreciated!


      Thank you.