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    Multiple dates in separate tables

    Kevin McGovern

      Hi all, I've been working on this problem for close to a day and reading as much as possible about potential solutions but I've been unable to get to a solution that I like.  I'm hoping someone can give me some good outsider perspective into what I might be able to do here.  The problem is that I have dates in different tables but want to be able to compare the associated dollar amount in each table based on one date. 

      So to explain, I have a fact table with two tables branched off of it using different keys.  The branch tables each have dates (which I've associated calendar tables based on the dates) and dollar amounts.  The problem I come to is that I want to compare the dollar amounts in both tables but since the date tables are different I can't compare on a common date field.  If I create a common date field in a singular table then it ends up generating a circular loop.  I can give more info if this still doesn't make sense.  Thanks in advance for your help!