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    Subtraction of two dates to get aging problem

      I seem to be having a problem with date fields.  I'm trying to set up an AR aging summary and my data is not showing up in the expressions I have set up.

      I have an input field so the user can enter an 'AS of Date'


      The variable for that is called vDate.

      In my initial load I have the vDate defaulting to the system date.


      LET vDate = (Today());

      I have tried 2 different variations


      In my table, I have the following expressions but they don't seem to be working:

      =if(date($(vDate)) - date([Due Date]) <=10,sum([Balance in Trans Currency]))

      =if(num($(vDate)) - num([Due Date])>=11 AND Num($(vDate)) - Num([Due Date])<=30,sum([Balance in Trans Currency]))


      Any ideas on what my problem might be????