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    Input Fields in Charts

      I am building an document for our SMEs to be able to make notes against broader categories.  Such as customer/client level (where each customer/client has more than 1 transaction).  So far I believe I can only get numbers to be input into chart, and using a table box is not optimal since I have some expressions that are necessary. Is there a way to get a chart to take characters into the input box?


      The document will be used in IE platform and used to export an excel deliverable.  So the SMEs would like to be able to add notes to the chart *then* export.  One other issue I am concerned with:  Input boxes in the IE environment, their notes will not be saved, correct?


      I have attached a QVW mockup of the concept behind my document.

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          If I understand you correctly you could assign the input to a variable and call the variable using the text in chart function..


          This may not be quite what you require but it should work..


          As far as the "save" element.. as long as the user creates a bookmark with the input box option checked that should also work..


          I have not tested this.. but its an idea..


          good luck.