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    Difference in Timestamps Based On Previous Record's Timestamp

    Ismael Villegas II

      QV Community,


      Sorry for the title of the post, I couldn't think of any other way to put it. I am sure this will be a simple question to answer but I am stumped. I am working with customer call data as shown in the table below. Nothing fancy. Just info on when the customer called us. How would you calculate the elapsed time since the previous call made by the customer. I attempted to use the previous function but it did nothing for me. I kept getting bad results because the calculations would not stay within distinct customer IDs. Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


      301/03/20127:08 AM1112222201/03/2012 7:08 AM?
      67701/03/20129:53 AM1112222201/03/2012 9:53 AM?
      74701/03/201210:04 AM1112222201/03/2012 10:04 AM?
      1053501/04/20126:10 PM1112222201/04/2012 6:10 PM?
      1536101/05/20125:47 PM1112222201/05/2012 5:47 PM?
      9383401/26/20124:23 PM1115555501/26/2012 4:23 PM?
      9383401/26/20124:23 PM1115555501/26/2012 4:23 PM?
      9390001/26/20124:30 PM1115555501/26/2012 4:30 PM?
      20220002/27/20127:27 PM1115555502/27/2012 7:27 PM?
      26294403/16/20129:19 AM1115555503/16/2012 9:19 AM?