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    Bar chart showing supervisor turnover rate

      Hi All -


      Thanks in advance!


      I am calculating turnover rates for each supervisor and then showing the 'top 10' managers with the highest turnover rate in a bar chart.

      How do i limit the numerator and denominator in the expression to count terms and headcount just for that supvid?


      Dimension = supvid


      Expression =


          Count ({$<  STATUS = {"Terminated"}  >} DISTINCT EEID)


           AVG( aggrCount ({$< STATUS = {"Active","LOA"},  TERM_TYPE = ,  TERM_REASON =  >} DISTINCT EEID ) , CYCM) )




        • Re: Bar chart showing supervisor turnover rate
          Stefan Wühl

          I think your numerator should only count terminations for that supvid.

          I am not sure with your denominator, since you are using an advanced aggregation. What is field CYCM and how is it related to your supervisors?


          I assume your denominator returns the total headcount (?), disregarding the dimension value.


          To debug, it would probably be better to create an expression per numerator / denominator, so you can actually see the numbers and locate the cause of your issue.

          It might also be helpful if you can post a small sample app demonstrating your issue (upload is available in advanced editor).