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    Problem with Null() function

      Hi All,


      I have a strange problem which I am really not being able to figure out and I request help.


      I have an expression which displays variables in this way ,


      if($(vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS) = 0,null(),

      if($(vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS) > 0, num(($(vYTD_CY_Line_2.b_TS)-$(vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS))/$(vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS),'#,##0.0%')


      if($(vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS) < 0 , num(($(vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS)-$(vYTD_CY_Line_2.b_TS))/$(vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS), '#,##0.0%'))))


      According to the values, I have vYTDTarget_CY_Line_2.b_TS evaluate to 0.


      I have stored this expression in a variable vLine2b_grade_TS which when I display in a text object as $(vLine2b_grade_TS) I get a - sign ( As I have declared to have all null as " - ")


      Now, when I use the following expression in a text box,


      if(IsNull(vLine2b_grade_TS), null(),


                If(vLine2b_grade_TS >= 0,4,

                if(vLine2b_grade_TS < -.05,0, 2))))


      I get a value of 4. Qlikview is taking the value of vLine2b_grade_TS as 0 instead of null(). Ideally this value should be 0 instead of 4.


      Request all your help and suggestions to resolve this.