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    Tables (excel and SQL)

      I have two tables, one if pulled in from an excel spreadsheet, and the other is pulled in from sql server, both have keys: Financial_Year and Financial_Month that looks like: 1 - July, 2 - Aug (etc... for Financial_Month) and 2011, 2012, 2013 for Financial_Year


      I have a model that reports on the SQL Server-based table (selections you do affects the excel spreadsheet source as well of course, because of the "links" in their keys)


      What I found now is that the new financial year (ours starts 2013/July) doesn't show any calculated values from the SQL Server-based table.


      I'm new to qlikview and this model (I took over from someone) and I was wondering:


      If the excel spreadsheet doesn't contain the financial year/month I want to look at (aka, no 2013 or July 2013 has been captured in the excel spreadsheet), does that mean the data from the sql server-based table won't display either, as if it's an inner join on the data being done when the two keys line up/match and automatically creates a relationship between the tables?