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    accumulation in a diagram



      I have different values for each week and want to accumulate them. I tried it with the accumulation button and with the formula



      rangesum(sum(VerfügtMore), above([Verfügt IST]))


      I get the same result by both (picture the blue and the light green line)


      Is it possible, that the line isn't over the whole x-Axis? only there, where I have accolulated values?

      so that they ends at the value 25?



        • Re: accumulation in a diagram
          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure if I've understood.

          What do you mean with 'where I have accumulated values'? Do you mean something like where sum(VerfügtMore) is above zero?


          Try maybe something like


          =if( sum(VerfügtMore) <>0, rangesum(sum(VerfügtMore), above([Verfügt IST])), NULL())




          =if( WeekField <=25, rangesum(sum(VerfügtMore), above([Verfügt IST])), NULL())