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    Automatically share (server) bookmarks


      We have several users accessing different Qlikview documents through the Ajax-client (QVS11 IR, Small Business). Documents are opened from within our own web application ('classic' ASP), and users are authenicated using a custom authentication server, which requests tickets from the QVS (so no NT-authentication or custom directory). Users can create (server) bookmarks, and can also share them with the setting "Share Bookmark with Other Users" in the "Add Bookmark" dialog. They can see another's bookmarks through the Repository.



      When a user creates a bookmark, we would like the bookmark to automatically be shared with other users, and (and this is most important) for the other users to automatically see this bookmark in their favorites, without having to manually add the bookmark to their list of favorites through the Repository.


      Can anyone please tell me if this is possible, and how? (Through server settings, document settings, scripting, QV OCX, QV Workbench, ...?)


      Many thanks!

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          BANCHET Jérémy



          I have the same question ; how can we check automatically some settings in the "Add Bookmark" dialog (for all the users, or for one server document) ?


          Thanks for your help,


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            I'm just wondering if you ever found a solution to this issue? I've written some Javascript that can add all shared bookmarks to a user's list of favourites which we can run whenever a document is opened. The downside is that the repository must have been opened for it to work; it's easy to open and close it programmatically with JS and keep it hidden with CSS, but the issue we're having is that the repository can take upwards of a minute to open for large/complex dashboards. Did you find another way?