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    Help with making groups


      I have a situation I don’t know how to resolve it on QlikView, I will appreciate if someone can help me here or give me a tips on how to resolve it, this is the situation.


      I want to make groups of 10 people and group it by grade, class (math, science,…), school and if it’s a special person, if the grade does not have all it can take students from the next group only one step forward or back to try to fill the group (2garde and 3rd grade or 3rd grade and 4grd) . The group can contain 10 max and 2 min, and follow these rules:


      10 max students regular = 10 max students

      8 max regular and 2 max specials = 10 max students

      4 max special = 4 max students



      Here I include what I have so far ..


      I will appreciate any help I can get