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    What's typical CPU usage for qvdistributionservice.exe?

      In my environment, where QlikView and the underlying database are on the same server, I've noticed that qvdistributionservice.exe has about the same CPU time as SQL Server.  Each of these two process is has total CPU time equal to about one sixth of the server's uptime.  This surprises me, as (if I understand it right) qvdistributionservice.exe should just be running for a few minutes each morning while I reload documents.  That whole process starts and ends in an hour, and most of that is dead time: a dozen reports run in a few minutes, then the next batch starts half an hour later, and it wraps up in a few minutes.  Meanwhile, SQL Server feeds dozens of scheduled reports throughout the day, some fairly intensive ETL, and ad hoc reports - I expect it to have signficant CPU load outside of ETL.


      I've also noticed that qvdistributionservice.exe remains active at a trickle throughout the day, with about 2% of CPU resources, and it occasionally spikes up to near-100% for a few seconds at a time.  This happens even though there are just two reports which are updated during the day.  These reloads do not appear to correspond with the spikes in CPU usage.


      This is not quite a problem, exactly, but it concerns me.  Do you see significant CPU utage for qvdistributionservice.exe outside of expected ETL cycles?


      Thank you.