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    Version Compatibility between Desktop and server app.

      Dear all,

      first of all, let me tell you that I'm not the server administrator. I'm running a qlickView version 10.00.9282.8 SR4 64-bit Edition (x64). I have acces to a server where I put some of my files I want to share.

      The version of the server (I suspect that there is more than 1 aplication in the server, but have some dificulties to figure out) is 10.00.8811.6. (IT source)

      One of my files is working great in my computer, but when I put it in the server, some details appear.

      I would like to know what version of server aplication is needed to run with my version? Can a diferent version in the server impact in the way the file made the calculations?

      Thanks in advance.