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    Sorting in list box

      Hi all,


      I am very new to qlikview and right now I am using the free personal edition to see what this BI tool can do.


      For my question, I have a list box with the values:















      1. How can I custom sort this list to Jan, Feb, Mar, and so on?


      2. Everytime I choose a value in this listbox, it promotes that value to the top of the list. How can I make it stay in its original position?


      Thanks in advace.

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          Johannes Sunden



          Right now your monthnames are just text values. You can either load them as proper date values by deriving the Month() name from a timestamp, or if you just create the field manually, try sorting them by load order.

          For question #2, try disabling the "State" = Auto Ascending sort option under your listbox > Sort properties.

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              Hi Johannes,


              First of all, thank you for replying.


              As I said in my first post, I am very new so please bear with me :-)


              1. I unchecked all checkboxes under the SORT and just left LOAD ORDER and it worked, great.



              2. Got this one, thanks.

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              Just a follow up on #1.


              What if I want it sort in any other way other than ascending, descending or according to the original data load? Is there anyway I can define this custom sorting?

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                  Johannes Sunden

                  Not sure how you load the months now, but if you do it as an inline load, you can just add a numeric field for sorting like this:


                  LOAD * INLINE [

                      Month, MonthSort

                      Feb, 2

                      Jan, 1

                      Apr, 4

                      Mar, 3

                      May, 5

                      Jul, 7

                      Jun, 6

                      Sep, 9

                      Aug, 8

                      Nov, 11

                      Oct, 10

                      Dec, 12



                  Now you can sort the field by "Expression" and just put in MonthSort as the sorting expression