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    If Exists

      I have a scenario in which i need to check value from the table exists in the excel file and assign a flag.


      I have a table of employee containing employeeid and department, there is another table containing employee education info (employeeid and degree).


      Now i have an excel list containing department and degree as two separate columns.


      I need to check if the department of employee AND degree of the employee EXISTS in the list , put a flag(1) on it else 0 in employee table.

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          Jason Michaelides

          I don't quite follow what you're asking. Can you provide an example?

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              Table 1:Employee


              EmpId     Name     Department

              1               Abc          IT

              2               XYZ          IT

              3               PQR          Finance


              Table 2: Employee_Education


              EmpId     Degree

              1               MS(IT)

              2               BS(IT)

              3               BCom


              Excel List:

              Department     Degree

              IT                         MS(IT)

              IT                         BS(IT)


              REQUIRED TABLE


              EmpId     Name     Department     Flag

              1               Abc         It                    True

              2               XYZ          IT                 True

              3               PQR        Finance         False