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    Event Viewer Windows Logs, Application Error Message

      Since V10 SR5, i have been seeing this error message appears in Event Viewer every 5 mins constant. The Id is related to a quarterly run job, never failed since set up over a year ago, and the file is still shcedule to run, not missing.


      Anyone can shed some light on this please? Also attached a screenshot of this error




      QVPRDAL.Exceptions.LoadFailedException: Failed to load because item with ID a760a116-b380-49d4-9ad0-86d4121265a1 does not exist.

         at QVPRXML.QVPRXMLStorage.Load(QVPRItem io_QvprItem, IQVPRTransaction io_QvprTransaction)

         at QVPRDAL.QVPRObject.Load(IQVPRTransaction io_QvprTransaction)

         at QVPRDAL.QVPRObject.Load(Guid i_ID, IQVPRTransaction io_QvprTransaction)

         at QMSBackendDDL.Task.DocumentTask.DDLDocumentTask..ctor(Guid i_LoadID, IQVPRTransaction io_QvprTransaction)

         at QMSBackendCore.Domain.Tasks.DocumentTask..ctor(Guid i_ID, IQVPRTransaction i_Trans)

         at QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.GetDocumentTask(Guid documentTaskID, DocumentTaskScope scope, IPrincipal userPrincipal, IQVPRTransaction transaction)