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    Relative field total works on pivot table, but not in chart!

      Hello everyone,


      I am doing a stacked distribution of a category field of functions sum and count. When i select only one week, i can see exactly what i'm looking for as in the example below.




      At first my expression was: "=count([Backlog Quantity])" Checking on RELATIVE and with my category field as dimension. When selecting few weeks it stopped working as i imagine it picks the relative to the total of all weeks selected. Giving a white chart.


      To solve this i tried to implement the expression "=count([Backlog Quantity])/count(TOTAL<WeekNum> [Backlog Quantity])" and UNCHECKING the RELATIVE. Then what i got for two weeks was:




      But in this cames both distributions come up to 50% each instead of 100%. The strange thing anyway is that when i convert this chart into a pivot table i get the numbers which i'm expecting on the charts as you can see below:




      Though i see the final total is 1 when it should be 2...


      Those someone know where the problem might be and how could i have the graph i'm expecting?


      Thanks in advance!!!


            Alberto Foret Armadans