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    Qlikview high availability solution for Ent. client

      We are working with one of the top 50 Enterprise clients and they are looking for Q high availability solution.Righ now we are targetting for 25 users and eventualley it will grow.  I would like to know your experience and suggestions and one more thing, since Q uses Win graphics do we need external GPU for Qserver for better display and faster refresh.


      The envinorment as follows for one site:



      1. Qlik Server + Pubilsher 11  on Win 2008

      2. Win IIS webserver

      3. Oracle 11g on Solaris or Ent Linux.



      1. HP or Oracle SUN   -- for Q server + pub

                2 x Intel Xeon ( 4 or more cores each CPU)

                32 or 62 GB RAM

                EMC storage

      2. Oracle SUN  -- for Oracle 11g DB

                2 x Intel or Spark ( 4 or more cores each CPU)

                16 or 32 GB RAM

                EMC storage