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    Leasing License issue



      I am using qv11 Small buisness edition , From server to client machine i am able to lease the license For my Qlikview Desktop ,But Qv Desktop is releasing license randomly( When i close the desktop and re open the desktop ) when i opened new session its showing personal eddition .





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          Hi Ananth,


          when you leased a licence (I assume it is a so called named cal) from your server, it is "valid" for your QV-Client during 30 days of being absent, for ex. when your pc/laptop isn't connected into lan. At least after 30 days the licence should be renewed by reconnecting (once) to the QV-Server. This happens normally in the background every time when your client is connected to QV-Server (or can connect itself for renewing).


          If you are "loosing" the licence more often, let's say every day, you should contact your local dealer or QV-support to see what's wrong.




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            Hi all, hello Miguel


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            Hmm? Sono persona non grata ;-)) ?