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    Stacked bar graph is killing me

      Im trying to make a stacked bar graph. The left y dimenstions should be a percentage breakdown by tens, 0,10,20,30...100. each bar represent another employee name. the bars upward (no under x-axis extending bars) bars are divided into two parts, the bottom should be the red percentage of negative scored performance and the top should be the positive green percentage of positivly scored performance ratings.


      total bar height=100% for each one

      Red part of bar= sum(fabs(negative score))/total score

      Green part of bar= sum(positive score)/total score

      sample data:

      Employee 1  ,project 1, -45

      Employee 1 , project 2, 84

      Employee 1 , project 2, 8

      Employee 1 , project 2, 24 <-project can have multiple rating

      Employee 2  ,project 3, -95

      Employee 2 , project 4, -99 <-employee2 will be an all red bard with a height of

      Employee 2  ,project 5, -45

      Employee 3 , project 2, 84

      Employee 3 , project 7, 4

      Employee 3 , project 7, -89

      Employee 3 , project 7, 50

      Please help, ive spend a week on this and i got no where

      Assume Im a begginer and need as detailed help as possible. Please

      see the attached pic. Picture is not based on numbers above








      Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 3.10.00 AM.png

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          Lee Matthews

          Can you load some data into a QVW and post it?

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              Would copying and pasting a bunch of columns suffice. Im not sure how to add only a few columns of qvw that access a database. Sorry Im really a begginer and im trying to pick all this


              (KEY)Project Name  |   Score |  Employee

              Project 1             45          emp1

              Project 1             5          emp1

              Project 1             26          emp1

              Project 1             6          emp2

              Project 2             null/0          emp1

              Project 2             null/0          emp3

              Project 3             45          emp1

              Project 3             -60          Null

              Project 4            45          emp1

              Project 5             -99          emp5

              Project 5             -60          emp5

              Project 5             25         emp10

              Project 6             null/0          emp10

              Project 5             45          emp1

              Project 6             56          emp12

              Project 7             -60          emp90


              Its basically any permutation of the fields. Im sorry I couldnt give you the QVW file, if you rahter have that, can you explain to me how to do it if the source is from a local database and I cant give out the password/username

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              Niky Rathod



              I have attached a Qlikview file.

                   Where I have added a field in the load script if(Score>0,1,0) as Flag

                   And expression : Sum(Score*(If(Flag,1,-1))) on a Stacked bar chart.


              Hope it helps...