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    How to force new qvpp file

    Lee Matthews

      I am working on an extension object. I have added some new dimensions to the Definition.xml. Yet when I delete the DynProperties.qvpp file it regenrates with the old list of dimensions, ie. missing the extra one I added. I have even rebooted my computer, but it still happens.


      How can I force the creation of a new qvpp file based on the new Definition.xml?

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          Nicole Smith

          For some reason, QlikView seems to cache the old Definition.xml/DynProperties.qvpp files.  To get around this, I go through this process:


          1.  Delete the extension from the .qvw that I'm using it on.

          2.  Hit F5 to refresh the extensions.

          3.  Save the .qvw.

          4.  Close QlikView completely.

          5.  Reopen QlikView and your .qvw.

          6.  Hit F5 again.

          7.  Remake the extension object.