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    Fields compare in relation to quality control


      I want to try to improve the quality of input into our system.
      There are 4 fields being:
      I_PRnr is numeric, P_Systeem is text

      I_INnr is numeric, I_Systeem is text.

      I_INnr is a unique incident number and I_Systeem an system name, the same for I_PRnr and P_Systeem.
      Each PRnr can be linked to multiple I_INnr.

      If I_INnr is coupled to a I_PRnr, P_Systeem must be equal to I_Systeem.

      Field quality in inputtab should be determind by QV, Nok or Ok.

      I've included an example with two tabs Input en output.


      I hope someone can help me.





      As a result, a percentage specified by I_PRnr.
      I hope that someone understand what I mean.