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    Inserting large number of rows with Dynamic Update

      Hello everybody,


      My situation is as follows:

      I have one main table with about 10-20M rows, and I need to assign these rows to (possibly overlapping) groups. To achieve this, I created a mapping table to store combinations of row keys from the main table and the group assignments. The table layout looks something like this:


      LOAD RowNo() as Key,
           'foo' as value
           AutoGenerate 100;
      LOAD 0 as Key,
           0 as Group
           AutoGenerate 0;


      What I want to do is to allow the user to select any number of rows from the Main table and to map those to a group based on a variable value.

      In SQL, I could do that by issuing a statment like this (assuming the table MainPossible only contained the values from Main in the current selection):

      INSERT INTO MAPPING (Key, Group) (SELECT Key, "$(Group)" as Group from MainPossible);


      I tried different variations to get this line running as a Dynamic Update action, but either QlikView doesn't support the nested select query or I was just unable to guess the right syntax.


      My second try was to include the values to be inserted into the SQL statement itself by using the following statement for the Dynamic Update action:

      ='INSERT INTO Mapping (Key, Group) values (' & Concat(Key,',$(Group)), (') & ',$(Group))'


      This solution works fine for smaller numbers of rows (e.g. 4000). I need to be able to do the insert with at least 10-20M rows however, and that's not possible with the previous solution in a reasonable time (I cancelled my attempt after several minutes of waiting).


      Any ideas on how to solve this?