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    Print and send to excel in web view

      We are using AJAX.  I have charts setup in regular mode to have the option of Print and Send to Excel enabled so that those icons appear in the caption.  However, when I switch to web view, I only get the Excel icon and not the print icon.  I noticed in document properties that there are setting for allow send to excel and allow print (when excel is disabled).  I have played around with these settings but I cannot get to a place in webview that will show both excel and print icons.

      I also have a couple objects where I use the Copy to Clipboard setting in the caption.  Again when I turn on webview, this icon will not appear.


      What am I missing?


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          Nicole Smith

          I am not certain about Print, but I know that "Copy to Clipboard" cannot be used in AJAX.  This is true for any internet browser (it would be a security issue if a website could access your clipboard).  Because it can't be used, it just doesn't show up whe you turn on AJAX/webview.  I'm guessing the same thing might be happening with the Print icon, but I'm not positive about that...  (I think right clicking on an object will bring an option up for Print though.)