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    Report too big to run in Qlikview

      Good morning all ,i've got a problem with a script ive written, its a flat report with no calculations performed within it, its purpose is just to show whats in our database. The trouble is that the requirements are to output 28 fields of data with up to 3.5 million rows. i've restricted the load to 5-15 rows just to confirm that the data is correct. I took off the restrictions limiting how many columns get loaded and left it overnight. I came back in the morning to find the report had frozen and was guzzling a lot of server memory. Any idea's why?


      Is there a way I can load data sequentially and still get what I want?





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          you need to post loading script here

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            Adam Abwat-Johnson

            Hmmm, 3 and a half million rows shouldn't be a problem for QlikView. I'm currently working on a database with over 7 million rows in the main transaction table.


            If the report has frozen overnight and eaten all the memory then my first thought is synthetic keys. If you have multiple fields in different tables with the same name QlikView will try to link them together and create a synthetic key of the common fields. This happens at the end of the load and if you're not careful can have exactly the same symptoms as you're experiencing.


            Posting your load script here will help but if you don't want to do that then have a look through the tables you are loading and check for multiple fields with the same name in different tables; you can always rename the fields if you don't want QlikView to link them. Another way to try to get it to load is to run the script in debug mode and tick the 'Limited Load' tick box on the left and just load a handful of rows; that may help get it loaded to start with depending on how bad things are.


            Hope that helps,