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    Strnage OCX v11 issue on document save

      MHi all,


      i have a strange issue with the SDK. I'm opening documents with .net control. After the document is opened, the data is cleared and the document is saved. In the folde where the file is located there is a filename-prj folder which is filled with the document structure files on save. And this is the plan.

      I have 5-6 files in this folder and loop through them and save them. There is no problem with small files but with on 400Mb. The issue when the file is saved after opening and cleaning data. The file is started to be saved and the temp file is created. But when the temp file reached ~398-399Mb the whole process stoped. The file is stil open, temp file stop growing (and is locked). I've noticed that when there is no -prj folder for this file then the operation finis succeddfully.

      Did somebody experience this?


      Here is the code that i use: