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    Scheduled Reload on QV11

      Hi there folks..


      I have been doing some reading in Qlikview but couldn't find the QV reload schedule info..


      So lets say that I have a QVD\QVW file and I want to schedule a nightly reload.

      From what I know, the QVD file is subjected to the behavior of the QVW file, so my guess is that this schedule is defined in the QVW file.


      Since I have two cases - a stand alone QVW file (no QVD's) and on the other hand - a QVW file with QVD's as its source, my question is how do i shcedule a specific (automated), "behind the scene" Reload?





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          In QMC > Documents > Source Documents > My.QVW - you should see this , click it and it shoudl allow you to create a task.


          If you want to schedule a QVD file:


          QMC > System > Supporting Tasks > QVD Creation > and you'll need to go through the setup.


          I'm totally new to thsi whole QlikView thing so there may be easier/better answers out there.

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              Hi there td3wiremn and thanks for the quick answer!


              Im sorry about my next question, but what is QMC? and how do i get to this path??



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                  No apologies requied


                  QMC = QlikView Management Console (on QlikView Server)


                  I guess I should have asked this question first, are you using QlikView Server or just just the QlikView Developer application?  If you're just using the developer tools I don't know of any way to automatically script and load data on a schedule but maybe someone else can chime in?


                  I hope that helps.

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                      Thanks again td3wireman..


                      Unfortunately im still not familiar with QV server software.

                      I will have to leave this question unanswered(in the meanwhile) just for the possibility that someone will be able to help with scheduling a timed reload through QV developer application\QV Desktop (btw - are these 2 names refer to the same thing software?)..


                      Appreciate it anyways!



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                  Jonathan Dienst



                  If you are not using a server, you can create a batch file and schedule that with any scheduling software (such as the Scheduled Tasks applet in Windows).


                  The syntax for the reload in your batch file is like this:


                  c:\Program Files\Qlikview\qv.exe /R MyQlikviewFile.qvw


                  Obviously, make sure the path to the qv.exe and the model are correct for your machine. Check "command line" in the reference manual for more.


                  Hope that helps