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    Multibox <= expression

    Geoff Blight



      I think this scenario should be simple - i just can't figure it out...


      I have a data set with (amongst other columns), a financial Year (1999 - 2012) and a financial period (1 - 11).


      Dropping a tablebox on the sheet gives me all the data. Adding a financial year multibox filters for the selected year.


      What I want now is another multibox for financial period but not where the data reflects that one selected period. When selecting a period I want records for every value of period upto and including the selected item. So selecting financial period 9 for example gives records for periods 1 to 9.


      Any help gratefully received.

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          Could you please attach the sample application to help you out...

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              Geoff Blight

              I'm using QVPE. Am i right in thinking I can't share this report? I've attached a screen shot if thats any help...



              Looking at the image, if I select a value of say 9 from financial period then the records in the table reflect that. What I want when i select 9 is all records where financial period is less than 10.

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                  whiteline _

                  What I want when i select 9 is all records where financial period is less than 10.

                  It's quite simple.

                  Just add another table to your data model with two fields: financialPeriod and finansialPeriodAndPrev.

                  The field finansialPeriodAndPrev should be used instead of financialPeriod for selections.


                  The table should connect finansialPeriodAndPrev (selection periods) with corresponding financialPeriod-s.

                  For examlpe:

                  financialPeriod     finansialPeriodAndPrev

                  1                        1

                  1                        2

                  2                        2

                  1                        3

                  2                        3

                  3                        3



                  So, selection "3" from finansialPeriodAndPrev associated with financialPeriod-s "1","2","3".