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    section access problem

      Dear all,

      I'm trying to use Section Access without success. I've this scenario:



      LOAD * INLINE [



      USER, USER1, U1, 07

      USER, USER2, U2, 08

      USER, USER3, U3, 06

      USER, USER4, U4, 20

      USER, USER4, U4, 21

      USER, USER5, U5, *




      User1 can see the group 07 only, ... user4 can see information about  20 and 21 groups...


      The problem is that the data filtering  doesn't work and I don't know why. When I open the document, user and password are required, but all the users

      see all the information


      Some questions:

      "Group" is a field name: is it important if I write it in capitals or small ?


      If I logged as user1, what happens if I press the loading botton ?


      Thanks in advance for your help



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          Cesar Accardi



          Have you checked one of the options "Initial Data Reduction based on Section Access" or "Initial Selection based on Section Access" at the Document Properties / Opening tab?




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              I checked it, but data filtering doesn't work.



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                  Chris Hopkins



                  Is your 'Group' field lower or upper case in the other tables?

                  Make both UPPER case and see if it makes a difference.

                  Section access automatically converts to UPPER case but i can't remember if its just the VALUES or the fields also.

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                    Deepak Vadithala

                    Field name don't have to be in UPPER case. Please make sure that all the values in Group field (Not Section Access) are in UPPER case. Because whenever you use INLINE table QlikView implicitly converts the SECTION ACCESS Table in to UPPER case. If this doesn't work then please post the sample application.







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                        Hi Deepak,

                        data filtering is working now.

                        Following your indication, I forced the upper case in my script and SA works properly.


                        For sure, you understood I'm a  beginner and two question jump in my mind:


                        - I have read that  "*" means all listed values. What does it means exactly, all the listed values into the section access ?


                        - If I want to have a user without any restriction, how do I have to insert it into the Section access table ?


                        Help again please


                        Thanks in advance



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                            Chris Hopkins

                            Hi Stefan.


                            I think you put a '*' into the Group field for that person, that should allow him/her to see all groups.

                            I'm not very good on section access but im 90% sure thats how it works.

                            I also think that making that person an ADMIN will stop all restrictions.


                            Hope it works!





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                              Deepak Vadithala

                              Answers :


                              1. From Help Documentation :

                              A wildcard, i. e. *, is interpreted as all (listed) values of this field, i.e. a value listed elsewhere in this table. If used in one of the system fields (USERID, PASSWORD, NTNAME or SERIAL) in a table loaded in the access section of the script, it is interpreted as all (also not listed) possible values of this field.


                              Please be very careful using the '*' (Wildcard) because it doesn't mean all the values in the Actual Field. It means distinct values you have specified in Section Access Table. Unless you have specified all the distinct values within Section Access.


                              In your Section Access example, you have specified Group values as {06,07,08,20,21} but if your actual Group field contains {06,07,08,20,21,30,31} then you won't see {30,31} rows even if the User has '*' in Section Access. It will ONLY take all the values from Section Access but not all the values from actual field.


                              I hope that makes sense.


                              2. I'm assuming that you are not using "Strict Exclusion". If this is the case then you need to leave the "Group" field blank to give Full User Access. The process is different if you are using "Strict Exclusion".





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                            Please use UPPER(Group) and check...

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                          Please do what has been suggested by Cesar!

                          It's been very long since I worked on Section Access. But I guess you need to have Group in capitals.


                          To avoid the user to reload, please do the following:

                          Settings-->Document Properties-->Security(tab)-->uncheck: Allow User Reload


                          Hope it helps!

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                            Deepak Vadithala



                            I agree with Cesar. Please check the "Initial Data Reduction based on Section Access" and save the file. Also, I'm assuming that you are using SECTION APPLICATION statement after the INLINE table. Also, remove Section Access and directly link the Section Access table with the "Group" field and check if it behaves the way it should be...


                            Please read the documentation before you proceed further.