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    Set Analysis - Error in set modifier ad hoc element list

      What I want to do is display chart data for the last date in a table.


      I've tried all of the various methods to get this to work in a chart as an Expression, but either I get an error or 'No data to display'.


      =sum({1<T_PageViewDate = {'$(=Max(T_PageViewDate))'}>} T_ErrTypTotal) == no data

      =sum({1<T_PageViewDate = {$(=Max(T_PageViewDate))}>} T_ErrTypTotal) == no data

      =sum({1<T_PageViewDate = {=Max(T_PageViewDate)}>} T_ErrTypTotal) == error

      =sum({1<T_PageViewDate = {=Max(T_PageViewDate)}>} T_ErrTypTotal) == error


      Even using the Set Analysis wizard, the result yields "No data"



      If I do a simply = Sum(T_ErrTypTotal), it works, but I get all of the data, not just for the date I want.



      -- Matt